For Britain is opposed to all forms of animal cruelty and will work to enhance animal welfare. For Britain supports British farming, and we know that most of our farmers care deeply about the animals they raise. We will work together with British farmers to bring about change that we can all support. Religious Slaughter The British Veterinary Association calls for all animals to be effectively stunned before slaughter, while the Farm Animal Welfare Council says cutting an animal’s throat results in “very significant pain and distress” before the animal loses consciousness.1 The Federation of Veterinarians of Europe, the Farm Animal Welfare Committee, the Humane Slaughter Association, and the RSPCA all advocate pre-stunned slaughter.2 Religious slaughter, both halal and kosher, involve cutting the throat of a conscious animal; a practice prohibited under British law (which requires animals to be stunned to unconsciousness prior to slaughter). EU laws provide a religious exemption to this.3 For Britain will repeal this exemption in the UK and demand that British law is obeyed.

You can find the full details  of the For Britain Animal Welfare policy  HERE.

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