Jeff Wyatt , deputy leader of the For Britain Party , was prevented from flying the Union Flag during the Durham Miners Gala event today.  He and other For Britain members were also banned from walking to the field where the events was to take place.  In a video posted on Youtube an ex member of the light infantry can be seen explaining that while there were people at the event displaying the Palestinian flag he was not permitted to enter the event with his regimental flag. The police explained that they feared a riot would ensue if these flags had been permitted.

There is , sadly , nothing unusual about this anymore – it has become commonplace to hear of flags or banners being banned or restricted because it might ‘offend’ someone or lead to public disorder. It is truly a sign of the times.  Free speech and free assembly are  things which can no longer be taken for granted as part and parcel of a free British  society.  This is a sad day for anyone who believes in freedom or nation. And what would the dead , who gave everything they ever had to preserve our freedom have to say ………. It matters not , not anymore.  A miners gala and a union flag – what could be more British and more hopelessly old-fashioned ?  And what of Treason , or is that just a word in some old book that nobody reads or cares about any more ?

Only time will answer these questions – and time is running out…………

Altnewsmedia  FULL STORY HERE


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