I have always felt the deepest sense of belonging in Britain. The history , the heritage , the ancient monuments , the charming streets and ,of course ,our great cities. They spark something in my soul , something that pushes me to fight for this magnificent nation of people , but I also see great problems. I am a woman and I regard the betrayal of our young girls by police and politicians as one of the greatest crimes and injustices of the 21st century. I refuse to abandon our hard-fought for rights or allow them to be stripped away of watered down under the guise of multiculturalism.

I am a law graduate and every day I am appalled by the systematic deconstruction of the rule of law in the UK. Large sections of inner city Britain have become ungovernable and the civil rights of our people are being crushed by the weight of a crooked establishment too scared to tell the truth. I am a patriot and I believe in protecting the British people at all costs. I love the people of this country and I will fight their corner every chance I get. From the NHS to Transparent Government , I believe the British deserve the best. But if I had to really define myself I would simply say that I am passionately , loyally , resolutely and proudly British. I am immensely proud to be part of this great country but I am thoroughly  ashamed of our politicians who have consistently let the British people down. We have been betrayed , taken for granted and used as pawns in a corrupt and soulless political game. It is time that we , the British people , were given the respect we deserve. It is time we cared for the most vulnerable in our society and stopped prioritising the rest of the world.

We must stop the politicians from derailing brexit and we must work with our historic neighbours and friends in Europe. Not just to guarantee Britain’s exit from the EU but to topple the entire dictatorship and bring it crashing down. We must destroy the enemies of freedom and liberate Europe. We should rejuvenate the European nation-state – let France be french , let Spain be spanish , let Holland be dutch and Italy be italian – lets defend this great ancient continent together. The threat of Islam cannot be ignored any longer and we cannot afford to be politically correct about how we face it. We cannot avoid difficult discussion or truth , we owe it to the British people to show some courage and stand up for our great nation and its values. We must unleash the creativity of Britain that has fueled progress since the industrial revolution and create a new renaissance in art and culture. Small business must thrive again and excellence in education must provide our children with a proud future. And , with a new British constitution we will safeguard the rights of everybody in Britain to ensure that we can live our lives free and preserve British culture for future generations.

The politicians will not be our masters , we will not bow down to corrupt careerists and liars. We are the British people and we will assert ourselves again.. I will lead us into this new battle for Britain , we will reignite the spark and the spirit of Churchill in the hearts of millions, I will represent the forgotten people of this great country and I will march into parliament with an army of people alongside me. I will do it for our children – I will do it for our civilisation and I will do it for Britain.

Anne Marie Waters.
















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