Resisting Hate , the well know hate group , has placed For Britain and Anne Marie Waters on its hate list. Needless to say Tommy Robinson , the EDL and various others are also included on this list as are many of your favorite YouTubers – even RedPillPhil and Toni Bugle are to be found there. The person behind this group is someone called  Roanna who seems to write most of the articles on the Resisting Hate website.  Roanna is concerned that certain people may not be properly qualified to vote………..

” My primary concern is that a proportion of the electorate simply do not have enough political knowledge to express an informed choice in the ballot box. I remember being asked on the run up to the last General Election by a potential voter whether she should vote for “Labour, The Conservatives or the Tory Party…” Another friend on social media could name neither the leader of the Opposition nor the current Chancellor. In the week prior to the EU referendum I was asked repeatedly whether I thought Britain should “leave Europe.”
Ignorance is not the same as lack of intelligence. These are not stupid people, they are simply people who do not take an interest in politics and as a result have not sought out the information needed to make an informed vote. But I would argue that if you cannot find or make the time to gain a rudimentary understanding of the political parties and the policies they are promoting then casting a vote is irresponsible as it skews the outcome based on lack of facts and not informed opinion. “.

Needless to say , Roanna herself is well-informed and qualified ! There is a page on the Resisting Hate site which has a long list of anti semitic tweets which were published on GAB. I glanced at 3 or 4 of these but as I find this kind of thing off- putting I did not linger there but I could not help but reflect on the fact that Roanna obviously had a much stronger stomach than I ……..and it really does make you wonder exactly what is going on in the dark recesses of the minds of people like Roanna who go hunting for this stuff with an almost religious zeal.

It is , of course , easy to laugh at people like this and many do , but that is a fatal mistake. There is nothing to laugh at here and the sooner those on the ‘right’ learn this the better.

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