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I have always felt the deepest sense of belonging in Britain. The history , the heritage , the ancient monuments , the charming streets and ,of course ,our great cities. They spark something in my soul , something that pushes me to fight for this magnificent nation of people , but I also see great problems. I am a woman and I regard the betrayal of our young girls by police and politicians as one of the greatest crimes and injustices of the 21st century. I refuse to abandon our hard-fought for rights or allow them to be stripped away of watered down under the guise of multiculturalism.

I am a law graduate and every day I am appalled by the systematic deconstruction of the rule of law in the UK. Large sections of inner city Britain have become ungovernable and the civil rights of our people are being crushed by the weight of a crooked establishment too scared to tell the truth. I am a patriot and I believe in protecting the British people at all costs. I love the people of this country and I will fight their corner every chance I get. From the NHS to Transparent Government , I believe the British deserve the best. But if I had to really define myself I would simply say that I am passionately , loyally , resolutely and proudly British. I am immensely proud to be part of this great country but I am thoroughly  ashamed of our politicians who have consistently let the British people down. We have been betrayed , taken for granted and used as pawns in a corrupt and soulless political game. It is time that we , the British people , were given the respect we deserve. It is time we cared for the most vulnerable in our society and stopped prioritising the rest of the world.

We must stop the politicians from derailing brexit and we must work with our historic neighbours and friends in Europe. Not just to guarantee Britain’s exit from the EU but to topple the entire dictatorship and bring it crashing down. We must destroy the enemies of freedom and liberate Europe. We should rejuvenate the European nation-state – let France be french , let Spain be spanish , let Holland be dutch and Italy be italian – lets defend this great ancient continent together. The threat of Islam cannot be ignored any longer and we cannot afford to be politically correct about how we face it. We cannot avoid difficult discussion or truth , we owe it to the British people to show some courage and stand up for our great nation and its values. We must unleash the creativity of Britain that has fueled progress since the industrial revolution and create a new renaissance in art and culture. Small business must thrive again and excellence in education must provide our children with a proud future. And , with a new British constitution we will safeguard the rights of everybody in Britain to ensure that we can live our lives free and preserve British culture for future generations.

The politicians will not be our masters , we will not bow down to corrupt careerists and liars. We are the British people and we will assert ourselves again.. I will lead us into this new battle for Britain , we will reignite the spark and the spirit of Churchill in the hearts of millions, I will represent the forgotten people of this great country and I will march into parliament with an army of people alongside me. I will do it for our children – I will do it for our civilisation and I will do it for Britain.

Anne Marie Waters.


















In a recent Gays Against Sharia facebook poll 57% of people said they would support UKIP while 43% said they supported For Britain. This was not a serious opinion poll but nevertheless it is probably a fair reflection of the state of play in the UKIP vs For Britain debate. On Youtube , Facebook , Twitter and elsewhere we hear the constant refrain that both parties should join together to fight the brexit battle , meaning of course that Anne  Marie Waters and her followers in the For Britain Movement should join UKIP . For some time now Simon Harris of European Freedom has been auguring that For Britain should operate as a Mandate style group within UKIP , keeping pressure on Gerard Batton to remain true to his radical anti Muslim rhetoric………..It is a very persuasive argument and on the surface at least seems quite compelling.

Harris , who describes himself as a ‘ pragmatic ethno- nationalist’ has been repeating this viewpoint on his European Freedom website and Youtube channel for several months now and many , if not most , would probably agree with him. Meanwhile Batten has , in recent times , been playing a blinder on the Islam issue , appearing almost daily on Youtube and in the mainstream press – and looking very credible as a leader of the ‘right’ in the process. I have made my own position clear in a previous post  so I wont repeat myself here.

Anne Marie is spending much of her time visiting For Britain branches and generally building  up the party at local level which is as it should be at this stage but the question of ‘splitting the vote’ is being heard more and more with each day that passes. Indeed , it is becoming a real bone of contention for many who are clearly frustrated by what they see as some sort of personality politics by Anne Marie . UKIP or For Britain – the question is not going to go away – that much is for sure.



Jeff Wyatt , deputy leader of the For Britain Party , was prevented from flying the Union Flag during the Durham Miners Gala event today.  He and other For Britain members were also banned from walking to the field where the events was to take place.  In a video posted on Youtube an ex member of the light infantry can be seen explaining that while there were people at the event displaying the Palestinian flag he was not permitted to enter the event with his regimental flag. The police explained that they feared a riot would ensue if these flags had been permitted.

There is , sadly , nothing unusual about this anymore – it has become commonplace to hear of flags or banners being banned or restricted because it might ‘offend’ someone or lead to public disorder. It is truly a sign of the times.  Free speech and free assembly are  things which can no longer be taken for granted as part and parcel of a free British  society.  This is a sad day for anyone who believes in freedom or nation. And what would the dead , who gave everything they ever had to preserve our freedom have to say ………. It matters not , not anymore.  A miners gala and a union flag – what could be more British and more hopelessly old-fashioned ?  And what of Treason , or is that just a word in some old book that nobody reads or cares about any more ?

Only time will answer these questions – and time is running out…………

Altnewsmedia  FULL STORY HERE



We are the common sense majority

For Britain is a positive, pro-British, pro-democracy party, which believes in preserving the culture and values of the decent British majority, and passing these on to future generations.

We believe in the democratic mandate of the people, and therefore demand the UK’s complete withdrawal from the European Union without further delay.

We believe in truth, justice, and freedom. We seek to create a Britain where the rule of law is upheld, and justice prevails over political convenience.

We will restore freedom of speech as the backbone of the democratic system.

We sit neither on the Left nor the Right; we are the decent, fair, common sense majority whose voice has been ignored for too long.

Exit from the European Union

The European Union (EU) was intended from its inception to become a Europe-wide superstate under an unelected and unaccountable bureaucracy. Many of our laws are now made by those we have not elected and cannot remove.

The EU has a history of ignoring the results of referenda in member states. We believe it will, if allowed, do the same with the Brexit referendum result and ignore the majority mandate of the British people.

The EU has imposed massive migration to Europe from the Middle East and Africa that has been accompanied by violence, jihadist murder, and the widespread rape and assault of European women. This mass migration to Europe comes from countries with cultural beliefs and practices entirely incompatible with our own. We believe this must stop immediately, and that migrants with no legal cause to be in Europe should be returned to their country of origin.

The mandate of the British majority must be respected and the UK must withdraw from the European Union without further delay. The sovereignty of the people must be restored, as must control of the country’s borders.

Rule of Law

For Britain will restore the Rule of Law. All people living in the United Kingdom will be subject to the laws of the United Kingdom.

Law enforcement in Britain is currently fractured and is applied in accordance with culture or religion, or based on political considerations. This must stop. The law must be applied equally to all, regardless of race or religion.

All immigrants to the UK should adhere to the laws of the UK. Immigrants found guilty of violent crime should be deported.

Police must enforce the law equally and without consideration to ‘political correctness’. Police must be accountable to the public if they fail to do this.

End of political indoctrination

For Britain wants excellent education for Britain’s children. We believe the political views or private lives of teachers have no place in the classroom.

Children should be prepared for an adult life of work and responsibility, with respect for themselves and others.

Teachers and teachers’ unions should not impose their political viewpoints upon children. British children should not be exposed to propaganda regarding politics, Brexit, transgenderism, or Islam.

Parents should have the right, without penalty, to remove their children from school activities that have the aim or effect of foisting political views upon their children.

Reduce immigration

Immigration to Britain must be dramatically reduced and stability restored.

Each year, 100,000s of people migrate to the UK. Common sense should tell us that this is simply not sustainable.

In order to end the housing crisis in the UK, we must reduce demand. This is common sense. Increased population inevitably brings about increased demand for housing, which inevitably drives house prices up. Government after government have failed to address this reality.

British law must be upheld and immigration and asylum laws must be applied. Those in the UK illegally should face deportation. All non-British citizens known to be involved in or supportive of jihadism must be deported.

Bring stability to the public sector

For Britain believes in our Armed Forces and will restore them to greatness. We will increase the defence budget and ensure that Britain can defend itself unilaterally.

The NHS must remain free at the point of need to all eligible UK residents. NHS funds must be used for the benefit of patient care and the advancement of medicine; excessive bureaucracy must end.

Police funding must be prioritised and the number of officers increased. Police resources should prioritise criminal prosecution and the prevention of crime. Police should not be concerned with political viewpoints, “hate speech” or Twitter.

Local Government must prioritise housing, the local economy, health, education and the welfare of children – it should not concern itself with politics, race, or religion. All children must be protected from violence, regardless of race or religion, and all child protection laws applied to all children equally.

The public sector must be directly accountable to the taxpayer, including local government executive officers.

End of the Islamisation of the UK

British and Western culture are altering themselves in accordance with the scriptural requirements of Islam. This must stop. We must restore freedom of speech and criminally punish those who use or threaten violence to silence opponents.

We demand that non-British jihadists known to the UK government are deported, and that those who join ISIS are denied re-entry to the UK.

There should be no sharia councils operating in Britain. These are often run by jihadists and Islamists hostile to the UK. Marriage, divorce and child custody matters should be governed solely by UK laws. Mosques must register for civil marriage as other religious establishments do.

Crimes committed against women and girls, including forced or child marriage, female genital mutilation, or honour violence, must be punished with lengthy prison sentences and/or deportation.

Protect British culture

The British cultural traditions of free speech, satire, and a free press must be defended and upheld.

Children will be taught positive aspects of British history including inventions, great leaders, and British influence throughout the world.

While people are free to lawfully conduct their private lives as they see fit, the public space will be reflective of the culture of the British majority.

Laws will reflect the values of the British majority and will be applicable to all who live within UK borders.

Freedom of speech

Our ability to speak our mind in Britain has been radically undermined in recent decades.  Whether it is through “hate speech” laws or leftist activists closing down debate, the backbone of democracy is under serious and immediate threat.

For Britain believes that freedom of speech is paramount.  We will end all “hate speech” laws and make it unlawful to fire a person from their job solely because of their political views.

We demand that people are protected from discrimination as a result of their beliefs, and that all voices be freely and openly heard in our country.

Put the interests of the British people first

The British state must place the interests of the British people first. There is both a moral and democratic duty to do so. Therefore, when the interests of Britain conflict with the interests of other states, Britain’s interests must be paramount.

While police numbers in the UK have been drastically cut, leaving our streets unsafe, foreign aid continues to be paid to other nations. This must stop. Foreign aid should be offered in emergency situations only.

The National Health Service must be for use by British citizens or those who have contributed sufficiently to the service. ‘Health tourism’ must end.

In 2017, a High Court judge declared that ‘refugees’ should be prioritised over British citizens in both NHS care and school placements. This is a scandal and should not be tolerated.

Legal rulings frequently grant residence in the UK to those involved in crime and terrorism, despite the great risk this presents to the British public. Legislation must prevent such rulings. All non-British citizens deemed to pose a risk to the safety of the British people must be deported to their countries of origin.


For Britain is opposed to all forms of animal cruelty and will work to enhance animal welfare. For Britain supports British farming, and we know that most of our farmers care deeply about the animals they raise. We will work together with British farmers to bring about change that we can all support. Religious Slaughter The British Veterinary Association calls for all animals to be effectively stunned before slaughter, while the Farm Animal Welfare Council says cutting an animal’s throat results in “very significant pain and distress” before the animal loses consciousness.1 The Federation of Veterinarians of Europe, the Farm Animal Welfare Committee, the Humane Slaughter Association, and the RSPCA all advocate pre-stunned slaughter.2 Religious slaughter, both halal and kosher, involve cutting the throat of a conscious animal; a practice prohibited under British law (which requires animals to be stunned to unconsciousness prior to slaughter). EU laws provide a religious exemption to this.3 For Britain will repeal this exemption in the UK and demand that British law is obeyed.

You can find the full details  of the For Britain Animal Welfare policy  HERE.